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Are You Prepared for Whatever Happens in Life?

Are you ready for when, not if, an emergency occurs? Can someone step into your world and organize your affairs effortlessly?

Life is unpredictable, which is why Spacious Living has created this incredible Workbook called               MY WHOLE LIFE ORGANIZED!

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Why Choose Spacious Living?

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500+ Sharpies Sacrificed to Write Thousands of Labels

Folding Clothes

2,000+ Organizing Projects in Homes, Offices, Schools, and Commercial Businesses


300+ Packing and Moving Jobs Inside and Outside of California

Donation Boxes

6,000+ Boxes of Home and Office Goods Donated to Great Charities

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60,000+ Pieces of Paper Filed into Custom Systems to Suit the Needs of our Clients

Happy Family Portrait

Countless smiles, emotional moments, encouragement, laughs & helpful suggestions in pursuit of making our clients happy

Michelle Ferguson is the Owner, Lead Organizer, and Life Coach with 10+ years of experience.  See her full bio by clicking the button below.





Organizing Services

It doesn't matter if you have a 22,000 sq. ft. home, a studio apartment, or a commercial office space.  Everyone needs help cutting the clutter in their lives, free from any judgment.  See how we can meet your specific needs and give you the organized home or office you've always wanted. 




We all need a plan to accomplish our goals, and the motivation to follow through with that plan.  If you're stuck identifying your priorities, ambitions, or a clear direction for your life, then you need a Life Coach.  We will work closely with you to put the puzzle pieces together, so that you can live a happier, and  healthier life.  

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Happy Clients' Homes



“Impressed is an understatement!  Michelle saved my closet.  From the very beginning of her visit she organized, stayed positive, cheerful, and efficient.  She was a life saver!  I will sing her praises to anyone who needs help taking on an organizing project.  I LOVE my new closet."

Collette S., Organizing

“You really made a difference at a difficult turning point in my life, because I've been guided by so many of your ideas.  Now my life is much better organized, and I'm taking charge of life again, instead of it taking charge of me.  Michelle you really helped me get through it.”

Pamela M., Life Coaching

“Spacious Living turns an unpleasant task into a positive, satisfying experience, and you're done before you know it.  Things are easier to find, in better places, and the excess is gone.  They bring order to chaos, and work with you to determine better ways to use your space."

Linda S., Organizing

Spacious Living Will Tackle the Clutter in Your Life!

Fill out the form below or call 818.839.1610 

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All of the Professional Organizing & Life Coaching You'll Need to Bring Order to Your Life!  

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